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Jolene Puffer is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and the creator of the Telephone fitness trainer and the Better body basics. As someone who is spent over 20 years working nationally and internationally training , she has developed wellness programs for companies like JCPenney, Cisco Systems, The Biltmore Estate, Hartness International, local city governments and many small companies. As an expert in the field of wellness she holds a Masters in Human Resources with concentration in work place wellness programs.

Jolene, who holds a prestigious certification in applied functional science from the Gray Institute, has over 12 fitness certifications in a number of fitness disciplines. She has also developed several workout programs such as:

• Yo-Wei (a Yoga weight combination using a mini ball);
• Tight guy yoga; and
• Balance board training.

She practices wellness in her own life, as well. She is a two-time Iron Man finisher and has spent over five years as a natural bodybuilder with eight trophies. A few of her other personal accomplishments include: 4x marathon finisher, countless 10ks, sprint triathlons, and more 5ks then she can count.

Jolene has been given the opportunity to train CEO’s of large companies, local celebrities and many great people. She has trained internationally and presented for trade organizations like IDEA, IFTA, and ECA. She is an innovator in fitness and one of Asheville’s most sought after trainers. Currently, Jolene is working with LT’s Primal fitness, training and consulting for a 2018 like Asheville has never seen before as it applies to fitness.

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Jolene Puffer, CEO

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