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Personal Training Services

Learn more about our one-on-one personal training services, Fit in Five, and fitness evaluations.

Online Services

Learn more about our virtual services, such as Better Body Basics, TFT, and Specialty Training,

Corporate Wellness

Our corporate services include Onsite Evaluations, Yoga, 5 Fit Moves, Office Fitness, and 5K Training.

Want to be your personal best?

JP Wellness Can Help You Get There

INDIVIDUALS: We can help you lay the groundwork for a lifetime of wellness and fitness.  For over 20 years, we have been helping people overcome their barriers and transform their lives. We offer both in-person and online training and wellness counseling options.

CORPORATE: Our corporate services provides massive residual benefits for businesses. When you offer corporate wellness services to your employees, you can expect less sick days, more productivity, and better company morale.

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Fitness & Wellness

Jolene Puffer, CEO

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